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Bohemian Hairstyles for Short Hair



Hairstyles for Short Hair – Bohemian style dress not only has to do with your outfit but also your hair. You might think to bring a bohemian hairstyle you need to have long hair, but that is not so. There are things that ladies with short hair can do to channel that look of the 70s. Whether you have waves, braids or curls, surely you can wear a fabulous bohemian hairstyles for short hair.

Make a braid

Your hair is not long enough to braid but that does not mean you cannot make a braid. Simply divide your hair and separates one part per line the front of the head. Tensile, then take it back and hold it with a fork. If you like, repeat this on the other side of your head or just wearing a single braid.

Add a bandana

Achieve instant bohemian hairstyles for short hair using a modern bandana. Place it in a Bohemian: instead of using it to bring your hair back, put it on the crown of your head or across the forehead. The embroidered bandanas are totally bohemian, so opt for one of those if you want to bring that style. If you do not get like this, the narrow bandanas work well provided that the use of bohemian way, as an accent.

Wear it wavy

This style does not work if you have super short hair, so do not try it unless you have between 5-6 inches (12.7 to 15.24 inches) of hair to work. Simply wash your hair, towel dry and spray with a texture spray to have. Squeeze with your hands. If you have a diffuser, use it to dry your hair. Otherwise, let it air dry.

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Refined bohemian

If you want to lead a bohemian style but you want to look thinner, try a beautiful wavy hair. To help you do this, your hair you should get at least your chin. Spray your hair with a texturizing and squeeze with your hands before drying. Use a hair dryer to dry unevenly, which means you, must rub the hair with your hands as you dry. Then take strands and use a curling iron to create curls light, leaving loose ends so they are limp. Run your fingers through your hairstyles for short hair and go.

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